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World Cup and Cyber Crimes

I was just browsing through different websites for some cool stuff related with World Cup 2007 and got stuck on this news. As describe in this news, during big events like World Cup, phishers also get active as this is a good time to create a some phishing attacks to acquire personal and financial information.

Phishing — an attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Just to prevent yourself from phishing attack follow this guidelines:

  • Do not open any mails or links from unknown sources.
  • Use regularly updated anti-phishing tools, anti-virus, firewalls, spam filters and anti-spywares of reliable companies.
  • Do not share your personal or financial information with any unknown sites just to watch final or to meet Dhoni.

Also if you have any more preventive information against phishing attack, please do share with us.

So enjoy this World Cup with some precautions.

Holi with VJTI Friends

Hello Friends,
I hope you all are fine and enjoying your day. I just wanted to share my thoughts and details of Holi festival, which we enjoyed at Vasai, Mumbai this time.

If you also enjoyed it with great vigor and fun then do share it…
Have Fun 😉

Date : 4th Mar 2007
Place : Vasai
Venue: Adwait’s Home
Participant: Adwait, Deepesh, Jitendra, Mahesh, Mitul, Prashant, Raj, Rajesh, Ridwan, Rupesh, Sachin, Uday, Vishal
Missing: All except above thirteen …

This all started with a single message of Jeetu to me which says “hum kal vasai ja rahe hain aur tu aa raha hai bas” pin drop silence for a while…..and then i started with my excuses to avoid this …but no help…and finally in the evening i finalize for it in front of Jeetu, UD & Ridwan….

We suppose to meet at Thane ST Stop at 7 am. Most of the time whenever i want to go for picnic my stomach gets gadbad and it happened this time also so I called Jeetu at 7:20 and said “mere pet(stomach) mein gadbad hain… hum 8:15 ko milte hain….” and i reached there with the thought that “saale sab gaali denge kyunki maine late kiya hain” but then there is Rajesh who saved me by coming at 8:45….

With some initial coloring to each other we took a bus for Vasai….UD took initiative of singing and we sang exactly 3 song, all from Amitji’s movie….and with some knowledge transformation about NH-8 and enjoying scenic beauty on the road we reached Vasai ….

Conversation between UD & Adwait on phone:
Adwait: Kahan ho ?
UD: Vasai…
Adwait: “to Vasai ki bus pakad kar aa jao ….”

finally taking bus of Papdi with a good joke from conductor we reached Adwait’s Home….

Action Time:
Action begins with gullal, then some pakka color and then color mixed with waters..and yeah also some kichads(i mean matti wala paani)….in this period Jeetu’s face color changed from Red to Green to Blue etc etc…

As per Jeetu’s plan of having fun of three people with pakka color ….we started with Rupesh…..Rupesh with long hair and cool white teeth was great scope for making a colorful event…..and after making him Bhayanak Jaamuni Bhoot from all side….we went to Adwait’s home ….

He and his family served a great delicious food one after other……that we forgot to color late arrived Prashant that time….and also in meantime we enjoyed new hairdo of Jeetu and his cream secret with failed photo session …

After this we moved to nearby Suruchi beach on a DRY day…but before moving we colored Prashant … and Prashant dont mind for that red color teeth….so we had two guarantee color with us till Suruchi beach….

Getting Beachy:
We had a great fun in Suruchi beach…and in fact anyone else can describe this fun better then me…..lucky one will also get chance to view those amazing pictures of this beachy activity….

Washing Time at Adwait’s Uncle Home:
Everyone is impressed with Mitul’s work during cleaning and bathing…and i hope he will continue this service in Pune also….also when 6 people took bath outside then Jeetu came out from bathroom…. and started using that cream called…..

Gachchi par Majaa:
Jeetu was really lucky today….i tried to pull his leg as usual but this time my aces (UD & Rupesh) got against me and supported him in all activity like support gang……also he got two strong support from Raj & a rival gang member Ridwan…… .

Here again we enjoyed delicious Poran Poli and Pohe….with keeping check on number of spoons….. with the talk of Private member ….and new findings about UD…..

Session of Mimicry of our classmates by our classmates are unforgettable. ….special thanks to Ridwan…

Back to Home:
The Bus ride from Vasai to Thane was full of fun and hot debates …. where we discussed about Fractal, Party Scenario and UD’s justification of cutest smile…. and yeah i will always be grateful to Ridwan for his instant long term vision during this bus ride.

It was a great experience with lots of fun and delicious food. We should do this kind of get together as frequently as possible and in the presence of all the members of our beloved VJTI.