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70% Addicted

After long time this Friday I am free relatively (what a funny useful word which I used today for random works with manager). So I was doing random browsing, reading friends blogs as usual and ended up taking this quiz where Kris scored 80%.

Though I am not a regular blogger but it resulted into my addiction of 70% to blogging arena.

70%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

By the way another funny thing got my attention there is that you can make your result anything by just putting any number after score in this link.

http://www.oneplusyou.com/bb/blog_addiction?score=120 (It will result in 120% ;-))

By the way that 70% is actual result after answering all the 14 questions.


A Log for Life

Today on 3rd Feb 2008 around 7pm between Mulund station and Matunga station in Mumbai local train journey I lost my all time favorite helpful companion i.e. my mobile. It was Silver-Black colored Sony Ericsson T610 which was with me for more than three years in my good as well as bad times.

I also lost all my contacts as it was saved on my phone rather then SIM.
I also lost few of favorite poetic SMSs which i saved on it from long ago.
I also lost few of the pictures taken by that mobile and which never got backed up.

Moral for me: Never love your mobile.

P.S.: I used to see IMEI code of my mobile but never wrote it anywhere as far as I remember.