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Google Zeitgeist 2008

Zeitgeist is German word which simply means: “spirit of the age”, spirit of a specific period of history, cultural and intellectual characteristics or mood of a particular era; trend of a specific generation.

I am avid follower of Google Zeitgeist, seemingly its becoming my hobby now a days. It assist me to determine what are people looking for across the World, how an event/activity influences certain citizens of a nation and so on. Google has recently came up with its zeitgeist list of 2008. Though Obama won the US election but Sarah Palin is the one leading ‘Fastest Rising’ section on Google Zeitgeist’s global list.

Coming to India, Katrina Kaif is leading all the way in India specific list. She is appearing in every major section like Fastest Rising, Most Popular, Top searches on Mobile and leading in Top Bollywood Celebrities.

Among all the best entertaining part is Top ‘how to’ searches in India, Here is a snippet:
Google Zeitgeist 2008 IndiaExcluding point 5, 7 and 8, I really got impressed with our Desi Bandhu’s search precedences :). Reducing (1)  weight along with Gaining (6) weight are our top priorities.

You can find full list here.