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Rediscover the Web with Firefox 2

Few days ago Microsoft officially launched its new browser Internet Explore 7 (IE7) and now Firefox 2 is the next generation release of the award-winning Firefox web browser from Mozilla. Its faster, more secure with phishing protection and customizable.

What’s New in Firefox 2:

  • A new theme and user interface (obviously)
  • Built-in phishing protection
  • Improved tabbed browsing and each tab will now have a close tab button(like Opera)
  • Resuming your browsing session (Opera already has this feature from long time)
  • Built-in spell checker enables users to quickly check the spelling of text entered into Web forms (something very useful)
  • Support to JavaScript 1.7

You can download Firefox 2 from here and can personalize and enhance your browser with this list of recommended Add-ons by Mozilla website.


Guruji to take on Google in India

Here comes the very Desi local Internet search engine named,, started by two ex-IIT Delhi alumni, Anurag Dod and Gaurav Mishra. The objective is to serve all Indian result as local as possible with the focus of capturing Indian market and to satisfy Indian web consumers. is the first crawler based search engine for India and India related content with proprietary algorithm which automatically identifies India related content on the web and organizes it in such a way that you get the mostrelevant results fast.

The technique is to stores only the India related content after crawling and throws out the irrelevant (non-Indian) data which allowsGuruji to crawl more, go deeper and hence index more India related data. They also have supporting directory of Indian web sites.

Even though it’s still in beta stage but I like the speed with which it serves the result. I think it has capability to become the Baidu of India. What do you say ??

FYI: According to a study done by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI) there are about 65 million people who use search engines in India regularly.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is here

Microsoft Corp. is giving its web browser software its first major upgrade in years. The new release brings Microsoft’s browser more in line with competing products such as Opera andFirefox.

So what’s new in IE7:

  • A New Look (Obviously)
  • Tabbed Browsing like Firefox with thumbnail images of open tabs like Opera 9
  • Better interface for printing documents (something new)
  • RSS feeds syndication (need of the time)
  • Integrated Search Box (again like Opera and FireFox)
  • Improved security feature including phishing detection (must needed feature for all Microsoft product)

You can get IE7 from Microsoft’s site here.

Mission Gandhigiri

A Bollywood movie Lage Raho Munnabhai has entertained many people like me but it also inspired many souls and one of them come up with which has slogan “If Munnabhai can then why can’t we do Gandhigiri“.

The idea is to create a platform to share information from people who have mission for any cause or social issue. It also has forum to discuss these issues with other fellow members and helps in gathering support for their cause.

A community group for Gandhigiri on Orkut can be found here.

To get more information about Mahatma Gandhi and his work, visit here.

Favourite Blogs come up with special report on blogging. It is the list of reader’s top choices of blogging site based on a survey conducted by

And at the top of the list is TechCrunch which is also my favourite. There are other very good blogging site like Engadget, Blog Maverick etc and it contains little information about bloggers also.
You can check out list here.