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How Facebook Targeting me

On my Gmail, Facebook is luring me to meet a Gujju girl ;). I must say AdSense is working.

P.S. Funny 🙂


Now Big Attachment With Gmail

Now you can send attachment up to 20MB with your emails. Google has recently upgraded Gmail service that allows users to send attachments of size up to 20MB. Right now it will useful be useful only if you will send attachment to other Gmail users as many other provider has limit of 10 MB.

We can expect same kind of service from other mail providers like Microsoft’s Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail very soon while Rediff allows attachment upto 10MB.

GMail goes Mobile

Google now provides a downloadable gmail application for java-enabled phones to browse your email in a familiar web based user interface of Gmail. It is faster to access and also pre-fetch the messages. So now you can read, compose, search your inbox, view and add attachments including images and PDF files through your mobiles only.

To download the application, go to gmail.com/app and follow the instructions.