Monthly Archives: September 2006

Microsoft Zune

Microsoft ZuneZune is a player by Microsoft which will give direct competition to Apple iPod.

Zune is a 30 GB Player which means you can store up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 100 hours of video. Zune also has a built-in FM Tuner. Advanced tuning capabilities allows to see the name of the song currently playing on select frequencies local FM radio stations.

ZuneInsider is a dedicated blog for Zune where you can get daily updates and more details. A teaser site of Zune by Microsoft.

And here is the factsheet, press release and all details about Zune.

Meanwhile Apple Computer also unveiled its long-rumored video iPod, as well as a new iMac and an updated version of iTunes that lets users buy music videos, TV shows and movies. Check out news here.


Google Image Labeler

Google just started a game to label random images by players where they have to tag images in 90 second period and simultaneously other player will also tag it. If there is any tag match happens then their score points will move ahead.

The objective of game is to improve the quality of image search results by Google.

So if you have little time or like to have some fun then you must try this…. remember in this way you are helping Google to improve their search facility.

Check out here:

Kerala : Free and Open Source

After banning Coke and Pepsi, Kerala(a state in India) is distancing from Microsoft now.

Here on, nearly 1.5 million students in the 2,650 government and government-aided high schools in the state will no longer use the Windows platform for computer education. Instead, they have switched over to the free GNU/Linux software.

“We have decided that we will use only free software for computer education in Kerala schools. We have implemented the Linux platform in high schools; it will be implemented in other schools step by step,” Kerala Education Minister M A Baby told

They also started giving training of the Linux platform to around 56,000 teachers.

Linux PC dealers are excited about the government decision to promote Linux platforms in schools and also receiving lots of inquiries now.