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One Year of Blogging …

I was just seeing my older posts and found that I completed a year of my blogging here. I started this blog on 2nd Aug 2006. My topic was more related with Indian web startups and Google. I covered details about emerging job boards, open source in Kerala, Guruji search engine, data on paper, Desi angle to YouTube, Yahoo going regional and my Holi in 2007.
Resolution: I need to be more active here.


Pune is Calling …

One and half month ago my Post Graduation course got over(results still awaited) and now my last vacation will be over today. Tomorrow I’ll start a new journey as a software trainee in one of the biggest corporate house in Pune. By the way I already done six months internship in Pune so this city is not new for me but now I’ll work as an employee rather then an internship student.

Wish me Luck 😉

P.S.: I’ll try my best to keep posting here my thoughts and about new startups as and when I’ll get time.

My First Experience with PHP Apache and MySQL

Finally I completed a website using PHP, MySQL and Apache web server after burning lots of candles and sleepless nights. I am normally an ASP programmer but always wanted to learn PHP from long time. So after giving much thought I started creating a website in PHP with back-end as MySQL during this vacation time. It took me two days to properly setup PHP, Apache and MySQL on windows XP machine. But after setting up I found that its quite easy, we just need to follow steps properly.

I completed this work in twenty days which i could have completed in around ten days if it was it ASP. Obviously PHP is new to me thats why it took time also I already have many previously built code by me in ASP ;-).

It was nice experience. Now I am getting more deeper into it and exploring more aspects of PHP, MySQL, Apache web server and associated technologies/tools.

and yes I’ll appreciate any guidance, suggestions or comments by you to improve my knowledge.

Ball Bearing Online Network with

BearingOnline is a kind of social networking web portal related with trades in bearing world. This website is an added platform for those people who are somehow related with ball bearings like bearing manufacturers, bearing distributors, suppliers, buyers, sellers, exporters, companies and individuals who deals with any type of ball bearing trade and want to expand their business.

BearingOnline Features:

  • It has a cool user friendly interface in awesome eye soothing blue color.
  • It provides Search facility by brands, country, region for members.
  • It provides facility called Wanted for buyers where they can list their demands.
  • It provide Offers facility for sellers to list their special ball bearing offers.
  • It also has a user friendly demo section which provides tutorial of all the functionality for members to easily understand and utilize the resources provided by this site.

So if you are anyway related with ball bearing trade and want to expand your business with new global network then you must visit BearingOnline.

While talking about bearing here is cool video which shows how ball bearings are created. I found this video in YouTube. Take a look:

Happy Frienship Day

Hello Friends,

Wish you all a Happy Friendship Day.

Here is a small list of sweet messages which I  received  from my sweet friends today:

  • I just want you to know that I feel lucky and honored to have you as my friend. May what we share only grow stronger in time.
  • Things will change from: classroom to office, books to files, jeans to formals, pocket money to salaries. What will not change is FRIENDS and let it not change.
  • It’s the day to mark and remember all the fun we had and the good things we ever did together. Praises and abuses, all shared.
  • Friends are the sunshine of the life.
  • I saw an old painting of two friends holding hands. I wondered how long it will stay intact. Its old but yet it never faded. I wish we remain the same.
  • The day you came to my life, i crowned you my good friend. I judged you not for your beauty or tone, but because I felt you as my own.
  • Its true, God cant be everywhere so he made friends, Thanks for being a great friend whom I cherish. Wish you a very healthy and friendly life ahead.
  • Years will come, years will go but with each one I will always know that whichever way the road may bend, you will always remain a fantastic friend.

I am thankful to all my friends for there support and encouragement during my up and downs throughout every moment in this journey of life.

Have Fun 😉
Deep C.