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Tag Serach Simplified with TagBulb

TagBulb is an ajax based search tool that lets you to search for tags from multiple Web 2.0TagBulb websites simultaneously. It supports tags from variousĀ  websites like RawSugar, Grouper, Google video, Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Indeed etc and many more are added continuously.

It provides categorical search of tags in various categories like images, videos, books, products, blogs, jobs, podcasts, bookmarks, questions, events and goals.

TagUniverse allows you to see tag cloud and to take a look on what the world is searching for.

For Better Campus Recruitment

I already mentioned about emerging job boards around the World and now an Indian job board CampusChai is here with slogan “Campus Recruitment Done Better” with fresh, clean interface and sleek Web2.0 website using AJAX technology.

CampusChai is targetting Indian Market specially students and freshers. Their services includes placement strategy for colleges and collaborating between employers and Universities/Colleges/Students.

The best part of CampusChai which I like is Tips. You can search and browse through tips of fellow members and also can share tips and questions.

So if you are student or fresher and looking for a job or are employers and looking for fresh talents then you must take a sip of CampusChai ;-).

Google Image Labeler

Google just started a game to label random images by players where they have to tag images in 90 second period and simultaneously other player will also tag it. If there is any tag match happens then their score points will move ahead.

The objective of game is to improve the quality of image search results by Google.

So if you have little time or like to have some fun then you must try this…. remember in this way you are helping Google to improve their search facility.

Check out here: http://images.google.com/imagelabeler/