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Yes, Now We can change Google background

Google finally gave freedom to its registered user to change the background page, actually to put a background image in home page of giant search engine home page i.e.

You must have noticed the “Change background image” link in left corner of the home page of Google. Just click it and it will take you to login page of Google Account if you are not logged in else it will display the image selection box.

Google background image

You can select the image in following four ways

  • Select image from your computer which will load into your Picasa album.
  • Select existing image from your Picasa album.
  • Select the image from public gallery.
  • or select the image from Editor’s pick.

Select Google background image

and its done as you can see in this picture.

Google background done

This is awesome where i can see my own selected background image as and when i open Google .

I hope Google can enhance this by adding more user-friendly feature like: Giving an option to select one of the albums from Picasa and then Google can display randomly selected image as background image on different visits.

The Smarter Matrimonial Portal – Youpid

YoupidYoupid is a way different matrimonial portal then a set of conventional shaadi portals. It utilizes the powerful web social network to get to your soul mate. It was founded in 2008 by Ruchika Abbi and Akash Saxena.

A user can join Youpid as a single to get mingle or as a helping friend to play cupid among his/her contacts. Its services are free right now (beta phase) and a user can also log in using Facebook connect service.

Its an innovative way of finding a person and getting married with the use of social networks and help of trusted cupid friends in a safe forum and that’s the USP.

Determine Your Passion with FemmeHire

FemmeHire is for the women created by a women Karishma Daswani.

Its a Job site where a job provider can post their hiring requirements i.e. jobs/passions while a job seeker can browse through the available jobs and apply for it. The differentiator is that its only targeted for pretty women.

It can be followed on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So ladies, go and satisfy your passion with FemmeHire.

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

The official song for FIFA football World Cup 2010 sung by Shakira.

Save your Money with TrimBill

TrimBill is a simple web based tool which helps you to compare and find most economic plan as per your usage.

TrimBill Logo

Currently it supports popular Internet plans and Satellite TV Plans available across India.

You can chose a specific plan for your DTH connection among the comparison between Tata Sky,

Airtel Digital TV, Big TV and Dish TV. Else you can check the best economic internet connection rate among Tata Indicom, Airtel, Reliance and BSNL. It can trim your bills up to 23% as per site.

A user can subscribe to their newsletter and also can follow on twitter at

This is very simple, focused and handy tool to compare the service providers rate and finding out the most suitably cheaper one plans. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. So, Start trimming your bill with TrimBill.