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A Funny Requirement

Many a times I browse various project requirements on freelancing websites and bid on them for my freelancing work related with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS and XHTML.

In one of the freelancing site I came across this requirement which is totally funny, here is print screen excerpt for the same:

This guy is looking for best gay to develop his website and also he will pay in different kind ;). God bless the bidder.

The Smarter Matrimonial Portal – Youpid

YoupidYoupid is a way different matrimonial portal then a set of conventional shaadi portals. It utilizes the powerful web social network to get to your soul mate. It was founded in 2008 by Ruchika Abbi and Akash Saxena.

A user can join Youpid as a single to get mingle or as a helping friend to play cupid among his/her contacts. Its services are free right now (beta phase) and a user can also log in using Facebook connect service.

Its an innovative way of finding a person and getting married with the use of social networks and help of trusted cupid friends in a safe forum and that’s the USP.

Determine Your Passion with FemmeHire

FemmeHire is for the women created by a women Karishma Daswani.

Its a Job site where a job provider can post their hiring requirements i.e. jobs/passions while a job seeker can browse through the available jobs and apply for it. The differentiator is that its only targeted for pretty women.

It can be followed on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So ladies, go and satisfy your passion with FemmeHire.

My First Experience with PHP Apache and MySQL

Finally I completed a website using PHP, MySQL and Apache web server after burning lots of candles and sleepless nights. I am normally an ASP programmer but always wanted to learn PHP from long time. So after giving much thought I started creating a website in PHP with back-end as MySQL during this vacation time. It took me two days to properly setup PHP, Apache and MySQL on windows XP machine. But after setting up I found that its quite easy, we just need to follow steps properly.

I completed this work in twenty days which i could have completed in around ten days if it was it ASP. Obviously PHP is new to me thats why it took time also I already have many previously built code by me in ASP ;-).

It was nice experience. Now I am getting more deeper into it and exploring more aspects of PHP, MySQL, Apache web server and associated technologies/tools.

and yes I’ll appreciate any guidance, suggestions or comments by you to improve my knowledge.