How Facebook Targeting me

On my Gmail, Facebook is luring me to meet a Gujju girl ;). I must say AdSense is working.

P.S. Funny 🙂


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5 responses to “How Facebook Targeting me

  • krist0ph3r

    facebook has been advertising Norwegian girls to me. for a long time now.

  • ridwan

    Firstly , mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha aapke yeh site ke baarein mein . woh yahoo mein aajkal bas iske hi updates aate rehte hain toh bola aaj chk karlu .. kaafi likha hain yaar aapne .. sahii hain .. chalo abhi aapke iss buzz/blog ke baarein mein (or whtever it is called here).. Google adSense ka toh kuch pata nahi .. lakin aapki sense kahaan chali gayi hain … naam saras chhe. johwaa maate thodi paisa jaaveche !!

    Ps: guj command thodi kam hogayi hian maafi uss baarein mein

  • Deep C

    @krist0ph3r: Lucky you 😉

    @ridwan: dammmmn … you found me 🙂 … keep crawling :))

  • palace theatre columbus ohio

    Very Interesting Blog! Thank You For Thi Post!

  • hemal

    Dude, good luck… if only that girl adds you 😛

    btw, even i wasnt aware of this site of yours… should have promoted it among us first na idiot… really like to know that you have moved to wordpress… 🙂

    you should now move to paid hosting dude, thats what shows that you truly are a developer and committed to it 🙂

    keep up the good work.. also, you can sign up on its a bloggers network. surely it will help you more visitors.. i am an active member there for more than two years now.

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