Data on Paper : Seems Interesting But….

As reported in Arab News, A Kerala MCA student Sainul Abideen has

Sainul Abideen explains the features of his Rainbow Technology.

developed a technique for portable data whereby the data can now be stored on ordinary paper.

The two interesting feature of his technology are:

Rainbow Technology :- It uses Rainbow Formatting for data storage i.e. geometric shapes like circles, triangles with various colors instead of usual 0 and 1 bit. So all data has to be converted into this format for storage which i think needs extra calculation and computing time. Also for me this format is like enhanced version of Bar Code.

Biodegradable:- Another controversial feature is biodegradable as its uses normal paper for storage. As most of the papers are created using trees (so there is more cutting 😦 ). Also using paper is like we are circling back to file era of previous decades.

He also proposes that it will reduce the cost from normal CD or DVD but there are some others who have some questions with support of various mathematical calculations for feasibility (or in-feasibility) of this technology or roughly considers it as scam. I don’t think it is a scam because he did not made any false money yet instead he presented his thought or say his research work which may be right or wrong.

Anyway there is still not enough information available to conclude anything.


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